How to Set Up an Office Football Pool Everyone Will Play

Supercharge your NFL Pool

Have you ever been in a Pick ’em or Fantasy league or March Madness Bracket, where you are out of it from the start? It is inevitable that some people will have terrible starts to the season and just be out of the pool quickly. Whether it is starting 5–25 in your pick ’em, 0–5 in your fantasy league, or having your Final Four team bust out in the first round. Players will lose interest if they have nothing to play for.

And don’t we set up these pools to have fun with friends or co-workers? Yes, the money is nice, but getting to talk smack with Jane in accounting is why offices and friends set up pools with each other year after year. Set up a pool where everyone is in the game ALL season long.

With theSCOREX leagues you are never out of it! League payouts can be based on how well your portfolio performs.

Example: Say David, Daniel, and Paul set up a SCOREX league together to play in their office football pool. At the end of the season:

  • David is up 30%
  • Daniel is down 18%
  • Paul is down 12%.

If they were playing for $100 each, David would get $130, Daniel $82, and Paul $88 back at the end of the season. Players will always be in the pool, even towards the end of the season with hopes of clawing back some capital.

Set up a pool that people will play all season. Be the hero your friends deserve!

And if you still want to play the traditional “everyone throw $20 in a pot with one winner” type pool, you can definitely still do that with theSCOREX leagues.  Set your payouts how you want!




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